Eating at the Poly before Electrical Water Pageant

This is a multi question post. I apologize in advance.

Ideally, we would like to eat dinner at Kona Island Sushi Bar, grab a drink at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto or Tiki Terrace, and have dessert at Tambu Lounge on Friday, November 24 (day after Thanksgiving).

  1. Is the EWP held every night (weather permitting)? Will the start time change depending on when MK closes? I’m confused because it states the parade is viewed from the Poly at 9pm, but the Disney website states the performance time is at 10:35pm. I am hoping this means that it will be at the Poly at 9pm and end at MK at 10:35pm. Can anyone confirm this?

  2. Kona Island Sushi Bar doesn’t take ADRs. How likely is it I will have difficulty being seated between 7 and 8 pm?

  3. I’ve heard Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto is closed to children at 8 pm. If we arrive around a quarter 'til, will we be asked to leave at 8 pm? I really only want to go to Grog Grotto to view the 20,000 Leagues memorabilia. Could I do a walk-through while my husband stays outside with the kids instead of actually getting a drink there?

  4. Can the parade be viewed from Trader Sam’s Tiki Lounge? If so, is it also off limits to children after 8 pm. If we must leave the Lounge, are we allowed to take our drinks with us to the beach/boat dock?

I thank everyone in advance for any information.

Trader Sam’s often has a wait to get in. I do not think you could arrive at 7:45 and get in before 8:00.

Ah, yes, good point. I knew that and never even took it into consideration. Thank you. Are you familiar with the place? Is there a “quiet” time they would be more likely to allow us to peruse the memorabilia without consuming the libations?

I have been there a few times. Sometimes closer to opening it is a little quieter. Although when certain drinks are ordered the lights flash, and large cracks of thunder are heard in the room. There also are repeated chants…

Last few nights it’s been 8:45pm-ish, just before fireworks. Then at GF at moment FWs done, 9:15ih. I imagine sunset has a lot to do w/setting time on this? Hope those are helpful bits of info. Good luck. It’s a charming little throwback of a show, enjoyed it.