Eating at Flower and Garden Festival


There are so many things I want to try at the Flower and Garden Food Booths. Given how many there are, are the crowds sort of spread out, or am I going to spend the whole afternoon standing in food lines?

I will be there next Wednesday, so hopefully not as bad as the weekend. Can anyone comment on peak times during the day?



We were there 3 different days last week, and the lines were always minimal. We visited the booths from around 11-12 until 1-2 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. At most there was one other person in line before us. We tried something from all 15 booths, there are so many great things to try!


Awesome, thanks!


We were at EP 3/31-4/9 and ate at the kiosks at a variety of times throughout the day. The lines moved very quickly, even at night. Enjoy!


We were there last year. Don't recall any significant food line waits.


I was at EP 3/27 & 3/31. Lines at the kiosks were always fairly short and moved quickly. I had the same worries as you, but definitely spent more time eating than waiting in line. Enjoy your trip (and the food)!


We were also there about this time last year - end of April/early May - and had no problems with lines at the kiosks. We loved the food! Also we thought a good use of snack credits - always compare dollar amounts though!