Eating at Flower and Garden Festival

There are so many things I want to try at the Flower and Garden Food Booths. Given how many there are, are the crowds sort of spread out, or am I going to spend the whole afternoon standing in food lines?

I will be there next Wednesday, so hopefully not as bad as the weekend. Can anyone comment on peak times during the day?


We were there 3 different days last week, and the lines were always minimal. We visited the booths from around 11-12 until 1-2 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. At most there was one other person in line before us. We tried something from all 15 booths, there are so many great things to try!


Awesome, thanks!

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We were at EP 3/31-4/9 and ate at the kiosks at a variety of times throughout the day. The lines moved very quickly, even at night. Enjoy!

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We were there last year. Don’t recall any significant food line waits.

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I was at EP 3/27 & 3/31. Lines at the kiosks were always fairly short and moved quickly. I had the same worries as you, but definitely spent more time eating than waiting in line. Enjoy your trip (and the food)!

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We were also there about this time last year - end of April/early May - and had no problems with lines at the kiosks. We loved the food! Also we thought a good use of snack credits - always compare dollar amounts though!