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I’m looking for input/advice on eating around the world. We are going in June, so no Food and Wine Festival or Flower and Garden. Last year on our trip, we ate at Teppen Edo, Biergarten, and Chefs de France. We left enjoying our food, but also feeling like we missed opportunities not trying items in each country. This trip we have two meals planned as “eat around Epcot.” What are your favorite things to eat in Epcot?

Info about us: two adults, fourth trip in three years, not picky eaters. I’m thinking maybe a quick service meal to share and then a few snacks for each meal? Maybe just snacks and sides?

If your goal is to have “something” at each of the 11 countries, then I would say a shared snack or QS - no more than that - unless you’re planning on spending all day at it and/or are huge eaters. Only “problem” might be Canada, which only has the TS Le Cellier - but if you count the kiosk between Canada and FW as “close enough”, then go for the cronut for the win.

If I were doing it, I would get food at some locations and drinks at others.

If your goal is to try a new country for a TS meal I highly recommend pizza at Via Napoli (for other Italian food, go to Tutto Italia). Le Cellier in Canada is also excellent, but it’s signature so it will be considerably more expensive.

I’m not sure if you’d count this, but we took a very pleasant break at Germany and treated ourselves to a nice German dunkel. We sat on some benches and looked out at the water. Highly recommended.

We do have a reservation at TI. I’m a little worried because DH was stationed in Naples for two years and has high expectations.

We will have two four hour times for just eating and wandering around the world. I think we should be able to split something small in 5 countries one day and 6 the next… maybe snacks would be best.

I was also really curious about how people do this in Canada. Why don’t they offer Poutine?!! Seems like a missed opportunity.

That’s exactly what I am thinking. Was it good? Would you do it again?

There’s a lot of great choices. Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (in Norway) has good sandwiches and School Bread (so good). Tangerierine Cafe in Morocco has an awesome shawarma platters. Also love the fish shop in the U.K.

Just reread your question and I may have missed the mark with my above answer…

Mexico - Not impressed with anything at La Cantina (other than the margaritas, which are good if you’re thirsty and it’s hot out). Think Taco Bell. Nachos are probably the best choice, for what they are. I know there are some light food items at La Cava (home of the best margaritas in WDW) - you might try that.

Norway - Just about anything from Kringla is tastey. The School Bread is very popular, but I find it very dry and probably my least favorite of the various things I’ve had there.

China - Lotus Blossom has the reputation of being the worst QS in WS - maybe in all of EP. I ate there once, “to have done it”, don’t remember what I had, and I have never been inspired to go back. Maybe others can help out here…

Germany - Bratwurst at Sommerfest and a beer. If you don’t want that much, than a soft pretzel. Their entry into the “mac and cheese” arena is the best I’ve had at WDW.

Italy - I have no QS experience here; VN and TI are both favorites. I’ve heard the pizza by the slice window, if open, is horrible. Tutto Gusto is kind of a TS with no ADRs needed and serves small plates - which is probably your best option for a light meal in Italy.

America - It saddens me that the stuff served here is what an international visitor might see as representative “American” food. I put it all in the category of carnival or fair food truck. It’s hard to ruin a funnel cake.

Japan - Everything I’ve had at Katsura has been at least quite good, and some has been excellent. The sushi is probably my favorite there.

Morocco - This is the one country where I like the QS offerings better than the TS. Tangerine Cafe is one of my favorite QSs in WDW; everything I’ve had there has been excellent. Spice Road Table is similar in concept to Tutto Gusto. Very tastey and more “upscale” than Tangerine; you can order a full meal or share a small plate.

France - Les Halles. That’s all I need to say. Sweet or savory it’s all excellent. If I’m not doing the FW RD rush, breakfast here is one of my favorite things to do in EP.

United Kingdom - Yorkshire Fish and hips is hands down my favorite QS in WDW.

Canada - see my notes above. IF they ever opened a QS that served the beer-cheese soup, pretzel bread, and poutine, it would likely have the longest QS food lines in EP…

Happy to answer specific questions if you have any…

I doubt any of the food in WS will be “as good as” the food served in the native country. The only one I can vouch for personally is Biergarten; I’ve only eaten one meal in Germany, but my mother is first generation German-American, and the food at BG is closer to what she used to cook (and I now cook from old family recipes) than any I’ve had anywhere else. A good Italian-American friend who has spent a lot of time in Italy says that the pizza at VN is the closest to what he had in Naples than any other he’s had in America.

Yes!!! That was exactly my question. Thank you! I am really looking forward to sushi in Japan. We are fortunate to have a wonderful habachi restaurant at home, so Teppan Edo wasn’t a huge hit.

I’ll add your suggestions to our list. DH keeps talking about the fish and chips, not sure where he heard about it, but that will be our first stop.

Italy - That’s exactly what I’m worried about with the TS here. He has succumbed to the fact that he will never have “good” pizza again. That day is actually our anniversary, so I have a reservation at TI, at DH’s request. I, also, made a second reservation for Narcoossee’s, because I can feel myself chickening out and wanting something more special.

Here are my picks:

Mexico: Guacamole at the Cantina. Margaritas from La Cava

Germany: beer

Italy: Tutto Gusto. This place is great. Small plates to share and a wine flight.

America: beer

Japan: Tokyo Sunset from the little kiosk and sushi from Katsura

Morocco: Definitely lamb shwarma. The take out bar/window near the henna alcove serves some decent drinks.

France: what @bswan26 said.

UK: Go inside the Rose & Crown pub. Full service bar.

Canada: the Refreshment Port did have poutine when we were there in January. It wasn’t great. The Daily Poutine at Disney Springs was much better. But, the RP did have some version of poutine with the cheddar cheese soup. They also had a bloody mary with a chicken nugget!

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I may be wrong in this but I was told that Disney brings over staff from the original country to cook and serve at each pavilion. My understanding is they are here for one year and then they go back to their country of origin. That is at least for the servers. I am unsure about the cooks and what their requirements are.

One of my favorite restaurants is Cape May’s Café. It isn’t in Epcot but across the International Gateway at the Beach Club resort.

I echo the suggestion of Tutto Gusto in Italy. I’ve eaten at both TG and Via Napoli and enjoyed them both tremendously. If you want a lighter meal, go with Tutto Gusto. They have a great wine flight and Italian Margarita as well as a “build your own” charcuterie board. If you want to relax a little, request one of the couches. They are in a little alcove and they have little coffee tables. We ended up sitting there for almost 2 hours eating and drinking. It’s been my favorite experience at EPCOT food wise.

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