Easy explanation?

I haven’t been on this forum(or at WDW) for 3 years! Everything has changed. I’ve read up on Genie+ and LL but it’s confusing! Can anyone explain in very easy terms or bump a thread that did?



Welcome Back!!

I would start here

Its pinned to the top of the WDW forum and has lots of info.

Then I would go to the Touringplans Youtube channel and watch the Disney Genie 101, 201 and 301 videos. Actually, I might start with the videos.

Here is a link to the first one:



That forum thread has tons to f information. Start with the first pot in the thread for the summary. It is kept up to date.

Too many posts to read all of them and much of the early information is out of date. If you want to read other posts and see current conversation, drop down to the last week or 2 of posts.