Easter weekend crowd levels

Heading to Universal Easter weekend with Portofino Bay (w Express Pass Unlimited). Planning on IOA on Sunday as TP says crowd level of 7. Trying to chose between Sat or Mon for Studios. Is there a material difference between a crowd level of 10 (Sat) or 9 (Mon.). And would you chose Sat or Mon for volcano bay (will be buying Express pass here as well). Thanks.

There is no statistical difference within two CLs… A CL 9 and CL 10 will “Feel” the same. However, when you do the math, the CL 10 will have slighty higher waits. A CL 8 vs. a CL 10 might actually “feel” a bit better.

Express Pass all over Universal works great - IMHO even more so at VB! I’ve been multiple times throughout the year. If I were going I would definitely go on Monday.

Sun / Mon are the days when more people arrive to UOR than the rest of the week. The first place 90% of guests go on their first day is IOA/USF. It will be busy with the holiday weekend, but not as busy as Saturday when you get a mix of tourists and locals all wanting a nice hang out spot versus coasters!

GL!! Ask anything you need to & as often as you want!!