Easter week plans

What would you do? Due to rescheduling with Covid our family of four will be going to Disney for Easter 2022. We will be there the Wednesday before Easter and leave the Friday after eastwr. Our current plan is to have one off day and then each park twice.

Would you make Easter Sunday our off day and stay in resort? Would it be fun to be in one of the parks on Easter? Anything special at mk?

We know it will be crazy busy but have also been to WDW multiple times in the past. Just usually in the fall or winter.

I would definitely make Easter my off day. In times past there have been times when Easter meets max capacity in some parks. I want no part of that madness. Pool day!

The GF usually has a special Easter Egg display?

That was my strategy the first 2 times we did Thanksgiving week: we took Thanksgiving off, had a really nice T meal in a resort, and went sightseeing around Disney. It was nice.

The crowd calendar for the week after Easter doesn’t indicate that it should be out of control busy, what are people’s experiences going the week after Easter? For us in New England that is school vacation week and we were planning on doing a trip beginning the Monday afterwards.

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I have posted a few times about my experience In MK years ago when Easter was our during our NE vacation. I will never do that again. I think we went on attractions that day but I had to block and protect my son from a crowd that pinned us to a wall. Never, ever again. He is 29 now and if he asks about going in April he will say “oh, it’s Easter this year? Never mind, we won’t do that”.

Was the whole week terrible like that or Easter Sunday?

I honestly don’t remember if it was as bad all week. We generally switch to President’s week if Easter is April vacation since to us it is easier to manage.