Easter week (4/5-4/10) ADRs up for grabs

ADR hoarder here (thanks to difficulty and lack of first choices), but now I have several I am ready to drop. I am happy to try to coordinate with anyone who wants to pick them up.

Monday, April 5th, Topolino’s Character Breakfast at 7:30 am for 4 people
Wednesday, April 7th, Sci-Fi Dine In dinner at 6:50 pm for 4 people
Friday, April 9th, 50s Prime Time lunch at 2 pm for 4 people
Saturday, April 10th, the Plaza at 5:20 pm for 4 people
Saturday, April 10th, the Wave at 7:05 for 4 people

Planning on dropping them this weekend just to clean up MDE. Let me know if you want to try to coordinate any of the drops.

Happy planning, we’re in the home stretch now!

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Wow! Those will make someone very happy!

Hope they do help someone else.

We’re just waiting on a better Sci-Fi. Really want dinner 4/5 or lunch 4/9. Currently have lunch 4/8 that will be up for grabs if we get one of the others…

And, if anyone is dropping a Beaches and Cream around 7 on 4/4… we’d take that too!

Otherwise, most everything has fallen into place (or I’ve come to terms with what was originally back up plans!)

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Bump before dropping later this weekend.

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