Easter Touring

We are planning a trip to Florida from the UK next Easter and are wanting the book a night at the Hard Rock Hotel to gain two days of touring with Express passes. Just wondering how bad the crowds really are over Easter weekend at Universal? Would we be better off waiting to book our night at Hard Rock at few days into the week after Easter or will this just be as busy? Crowd calendar is showing 8, 9 and 10 all week. Thank you.

You will have mardis gras on Sat night and grad bash on Fridays. On the sat parks close a bit later on Fridays park close at 6 pm. We did something similar this year and opted to stay mid week. Hotel prices are much more Expensive at Weekends although it would have been nice to stay onsite after doing Mardis gras we decided that as we were wanting to do MG parade and concert it would be a waste of exp pass.

Thanks for the info. I’m going to have a look midweek.

Easter week is a MESS across the board. However you are SMART to stay onsite. I may suggest 2 nights that way you get early entry for 2 days. You come in the night before after (presumably at WDW) unpack, relax and go early the next day. Then repeat.

You will LOVE universal. Very different from WDW but great. You can walk from Hardrock - but the boats are constantly running. Have a great time!!

You get 2 days epa with 1 night stay . Many guests check in @7 am and luggage services will hold your bags

Agreed - I’m just saying it may be a bit more relaxing to check in the night prior.