Easter Dining tips

Our family of 4 will be traveling to Disney over the Easter holidays. I understand that this is an extremely busy time to visit the Magic Kingdom and am prepared to pay extra for dining packages etc. that offer preferred seating or will decrease the amount of wait time etc. We have two young children 4 & 6 and would appreciate any tips to help avoid the crowds! I have tried to book any of the three restaurants at Hollywood Studios to give us preferred seating at the Fanasmic show, but even at 180 days out there appears to be no availability? We have made a reservation at the California Grill to watch the fireworks and would appreciate any suggestions for Epcot or Animal Kingdowm shows!

Thanks in advance!

Fantasmic! Dinner packages often come out after the 180 day mark so don’t worry about it yet. I think it varies from a weeks to a month late, but they invariably show up at some point. Just keep checking.

If/when River of Lights ever come out there will be dining packages for that show at Animal Kingdom. Look to book once they announce that. I don’t believe there are any dining packages at Epcot for Illuminations at all, but Epcot is big and it’s not that hard to find an OK spot typically.

I would keep a night open for ROL dining packages. I have one empty for Tiffins in February.

I am adding that Easter may be busy but not Christmas busy!

Thank you Damavs! I will set a reminder to recheck in the next 2 weeks again. Animal Kingdom River of lights sounds good. I’m interested to look into this more. Any idea when reservations for this opens?

thank you Principal Tinker. Do you know when these reservations open?

River of Lights is the $64,000 question recently at WDW. When will it open? Will dining packages be available immediately? Until it opens (which it sounds like November at the latest) we won’t really know much. In general I’d say monitor here & there will be a thread on it with details once it finally opens & we see what they’re doing FP and dinner package wise with the show. The good news is you should have time and if somewhat vigilant, you’ll catch things early when they first open as the general DIS population isn’t following these boards…

setting follow up reminder now! Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

If they make an announcement of an opening it will show up here. I will try to remember to tag you. I have bookmarked this to try!

Thank you!! :slight_smile: