Easter 2022

We want to plan a trip for the week after Easter which is a little later in 2022… That happens to be spring break for my kids…
We have never gone this time before; are we making a mistake? To busy??

Any help or insight is appreciated

Easter is among the busiest of all times at WDW. Lots of people love it and the weather at that time of year is great – not yet too hot, not cold either — but there have been times (prepandemic) when the parks have closed to capacity on Easter (and the weekend in general).

Crowds do diminish as the week progresses though. So there’s that.

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We went Easter 2019 and I concur that the weekend itself was very busy but the rest of the week was not bad. And the weather was lovely. I would do it again for sure.

We went for Easter in 2018. I believe our break was the week after Easter that year. Yes it was busy but we knew going it was going to be busy. The crowds got better the longer the week went on. We were planning to go for Easter in 2020 but that obviously did not happen. Going once did not completely scare us away from doing it again.

We went the week after Easter this year. It was crowded but manageable.