Easter 2019

I noticed that the week BEFORE Easter is the busy week. The week after seems average. Is that because of the lateness of Easer?

I can go that week! How confident can I be in the predictions this far out?


yes, that would be my guess…everyone needs to head back to home for school and work…:slight_smile: But, I always think a good plan wins over the crowd calendar every time! New years trip 2015-16 was amazing, due to good plans, cause we all know how crazy crowded that week is! Should be a lovely time to visit, I’m jealous, because until I retire, that will week will never happen for us! (Teacher here…)

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We have been there twice during week before Easter. In fact we have reservations for April 2019. There wont be any discounts available. In fact the prices usually go up during that week, but it is the grandkids week off from school & we have been lucky to see and do everything we planned on.

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I would be pretty confident that it will be post-spring break crowds. With Easter being so late, most schools will not be out so the rush that usually occurs at Easter will be lessened the week after. I think spring break will be moved to earlier for the majority of schools and many will have off Fri and Mon but you should be golden after that.

The crowds will be heavy both weeks. Has been my experience that week after was busier.