Easter 2018 - Weekend Crowds

Does anyone know why the crowd levels for Easter weekend (31st March & 1st April 2018) would be forecast as relatively light with touring plans (both 7s) and yet the following Tuesday to Friday increase to 9s? I had booked Discovery Cove on Easter Sunday as thought the crowds would be horrendous. They are showing Magic Kingdom as only a 6 so thinking of switching my booking.


Not exactly sure why, but when we have been in WDW for Easter the parks are usually less crowded on Saturday and Sunday than the days before and after. My reasoning for this is

  1. People take their vacation from Saturday to Saturday and therefore are not in the parks on Saturday (or for maybe half a day). They either want to be back home for Easter Sunday with their family OR
  2. Many people go to church on Easter Sunday and do not plan parks if they are here.
    This is just my thoughts, of course, but in our experience Saturday and Sunday over Easter have the lowest crowds of the 2 week period. We will at MK this Easter Sunday.
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I would think that the big driver is school breaks - the TP folks track the major school system schedules in order to determine when people are likely to be planning WDW vacations. Perhaps a lot of schools have the week after Easter off.

Big holidays tend to be busy, but not the busiest. December 25th is less crowded than 26th, July4th less than July 3rd, ect… A lot of people tend to stay with their family or go to church. Another day that tends to not be busy is Superbowl Sunday. Best day to go to the parks.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve changed Discovery Cove to the following Tuesday and will try Magic Kingdom on Easter Sunday.