Easter 2018 - 1st week US holidays, 2nd week the schools are back

We are visiting from the UK from the 1st to the 14th April 2018 with my wife and two daughters. It looks like the first week is the US holidays and therefore will be very busy, the second week will be much quieter. We are stopping in a Disney Hotel and have the Ultimate tickets. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to approach the two weeks?



Being vague here, but my thought would be to do RD at the parks having AM EMH each morning. Then head to the park with the lowest Crowd Level for the afternoons. The second week could be used to hit all of the park musts you missed the first week.

Thanks that sounds like a good idea.

There are no “US Holidays”. Some schools will be out around easter (April 1), but it’ll vary from school to school. (My kids are on spring break in mid-March.) Spring breaks usually run from mid-March to mid-April around the US, with schools typically taking a week off during that time period. But never all at the same time.

A lot of schools will always break around Easter - either the week before or the week after. I’d expect busier crowds then in general. Other schools will just do a fixed break in March as Easter varies so much year to year which at least spreads the Springs crowds somewhat as compared to Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The first week (certainly the first few days) you’ll wake up early so plan RD or EMH then and save the later nights for later in the holiday. Are you just doing Disney? With a full 2 weeks there you will have lots of time to do whatever you like - you’ll be able to have plenty of pool time etc.

thank you for the advice

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Thanks for the info. I was using the crowd calendar, which made me come to the assumption it was school holidays