Easiest way to get to Chef Mickeys

On our arrival day, we have a Chef Mickey’s Dinner at 6:30 PM. We should get to Art of Animation around 2 PM. We’re planning on checking out the resort/ playing in the pool until time to get ready and leave for dinner.
What’s the best way to get to and from AoA and Chef Mickeys at Contemporary?

I would take the bus to the Magic Kingdom and then take the monorail to the Contemporary. Or walk, but the monorail is more fun.

This is kind of what I was thinking would be fastest, so thanks! I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing a secret insider tip or something!

But walking is way more predictable. Monorail has issues a lot. I would be leery of using it to get to an ADR unless the time I allotted for travel was significantly padded. Plus the walk from the buses to the monorail is at least half as long as the walk to Contemporary (and that walk is delightful)


Ooh plus now you have To clear security to get to monorail which will take more time and is an unnecessary aggravation

Oh, you’re right! I forgot that. Change my advice to bus + walk.

Easiest? Uber.

Cheapest and easiest? Bus to MK, then walk.

If you plan on stuffing yourself silly (like me,) from CM, walk (or roll yourself) back to the bus q at MK to get back to AOA.

Or if you really want to ride the monorail, take it from Chef Mickeys back to to the Magic Kingdom after dinner. Truth be told, it may be a longer walk from the bus area to the Magic Kingdom monorail station than it is to walk from the bus area to the Contemporary.

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Do you have to go through security again at MK to get on the monorail? I assumed because it was in the secure zone (no way to get there without going through security), that you would walk straight on.

Thanks everyone… after considering our options, we’re thinking Uber (or minnie vans, if they are at AoA by then) to Chef Mickey’s, then monorail to MK and bus back to AoA, that way we can ride the monorail when we’re not as rushed to meet a deadline (and the loop from Contemporary to MK is shorter than the loop from MK to Contemporary).

Just so you know, the monorail from MK to Contemporary is one stop. From Contemporary round to MK is 4 (TTC, Poly, GF, MK).

Fair enough, I had it backward. We can always take an Uber back if we’re too tired, but I managed to bump my reservation earlier (5:15 PM instead of 6:30). My 2 year old likes to eat dinner earlier and he will need to go to bed earlier to make sure he will get up the next morning! So if we got finished with dinner, we might consider taking the monorail anyway so he can have a fun ride, and we still won’t make it back too late.

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