Early to mid May or Mid Nov 2020

I am trying to decide dates for trip next year. I am trying to pick between May or November. My family has been in November a couple times both the week before and after Thanksgiving. I do love that time of year, but I thought of maybe trying a different time of year

How is May? Is it more crowded than Nov? I know it can be warmer. Are the love bugs really that bad ? Lol


we went this year from May 4th to May 8th, mainly because I wanted to see Flower & Garden. It was far hotter than I was anticipating! The humidity wasn’t horrible but it was in the 90’s for heat index each day (low 90’s but still). The love bugs were for real! They didn’t really bother us but they were noticeable.
I’ve never been in November so I don’t have a lot of comparison to offer. If you would enjoy Flower and Garden, it was beautiful and worth enduring the heat :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response! Flower and Garden was one of the reasons I was considering May.

I was there right at May 1st this year. It was in the upper 90’s. I’m from the South so I’m used to it, but it was noticeable even for me. The Love Bugs were everywhere, but they don’t really bother you, they’re too busy doing their own “thing”.

We mostly go in May. (Once in Sept) The crowds are not too bad. The weather is hot but not nearly the humidity we found in September. We sure noticed a lot of sweaty people in September.
We didn’t really even noticed the Love Bugs. They are around but not bothersome.
We would definitely pick May over September. (Although we did snag Free dining in Sept.)

Thanks for the input. Our first trip was in Sept and it was really hot and humid. November is nice but we have been 3 times in November and while I love the xmas parties, there are so many now that it seems MK closes early most nights during our trip.