Early registration - Contemporary

I was about to do our early registration, but one of the questions confused me. We are staying at the Contemporary in a Theme Park room. When it asks if we have any preferences, the choices include Balcony, Upper, Lower, etc. What’s confusing to me is that I want an upper level room, but I assumed all would have balconies. Do I have to make a choice between balcony and upper?

Also, I have a fax request from TP set up to go out with a specific room. So what do I select for my room preference on my early registration?

I would just not pick anything and go with the fax.

Okay… to be clear, the TP fax reliably goes out? No chance it will be forgotten or lost? Should I follow that up at all?

It gos out and you will get an alert on your dashboard (maybe an email too?) five days before your trip to tell you. If something is wrong with the resort fax there is usually a post to let you know (they will ask for someone to go o the resort and tell them to fill the paper😀 On the fax machine)

Thanks. I’ll be cruising, so I may not see that, which is why I was thinking of doubling up, but, as discussed in other threads, I don’t want to confuse the room assignment staff, either.

I erased my first reply because I was going to say an “upper floor” may be safe but then the room assigners may think you would be happy with any upper floor room and not your request? What if an other room was available first? It gets a little confusing.

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I hadn’t thought of that. Also, we’re coming off a cruise and I thought about requesting an early check-in, but again, what if I don’t get what I want because I asked for an early check-in?