Early Park Open for Crowds at Spring Break & Mine Train Wait?

I just re-worked my Thursday, March 24 Touring Plan to include the 8 am early park open. It is saying the wait time for 7 Dwarves should be 19 minutes at 8:15 am, does that seem right?

Should I be confident enough that it is a sub-20 minute wait to release our fast pass a few days earlier? On Monday, March 21 we got a Fastpass at 5:40 pm for 7 people. We really want to leave the park by 4 pm that day, but it was close enough to maybe squeak it in since no other ones were available.

Advice? Would you count on the early morning 7 Dwarves on Thursday or keep the Fastpass a few days earlier on Monday? If we do release the Fastpass, I will post here first in case anyone wants to snag it. :smile:


If you go right there I would expect a short wait. That short? I don’t know- but reasonable.

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Thanks for your input!

I agree with @PrincipalTinker. But I will also say do not get rid of the fast passes until after you have ridden the sdmt and decided not to keep them.

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