Early Park Admission - Volcano Bay

Am I correct that everyone can enter the Volcano Bay park entrance 30 mins prior to official opening, but the attractions that are open early require Early Park Admission eligibility to ride them?


That is correct.

You can get through the ticketed entry point, but then need your room key to access lockers and rides.
If you don’t have a room key you will have to wait in a roped off area until park opening.


Or other EPA eligibility proof.


If you aren’t staying on-site / qualify for EPA they’ll let you through the turnstiles. However, they will hold you in a roped area right in front of the volcano. You can’t go find a seat or access lockers.


Thanks y’all. We are staying at the Hyatt which I don’t think has EPA benefits. Trying to figure out what time to get there if we go on Jan 1.

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If you want to ensure a ride on Krakatau you’ll get there as soon as possible. It will have a multiple hour wait quickly.

There are free covered lounges that are my “regular” spot. They are near the front, so you have to get there ASAP… The lockers are close by as well



Thanks again! How busy should we expect it to be on 1/1? We were at Typhoon Lagoon around the same time last year and there was only a few hundred in the entire park.

I really couldn’t say. TP says Universal on the whole should be a CL7. Universal is more of a locals park. Maybe they’ll all be to tired from NYE stuff or maybe they’ll come out. Either way I’d still be there before 10am.

Crowds always pick up after lunch. It’s a great park. I really love it there! Be prepared to be a bit chilly if it’s breezy!

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There are free covered lounges up to the left of the Volcano as well.


Also, 3 Shade Structures are at Hammerhead Beach too:


Hammerhead Beach, is that what they call the entrance to the Fierce River? That is my favorite spot. It would also be a good location for someone who wanted an awesome shaded and free chair but didn’t have EPA since that area isn’t open for EPA. So, someone that got there early could plot a path by the Kraka-whatever, tap into the ride reservation for it, then keep speed walking back to the beach and claim a shaded chair. Should be possible since wouldn’t be too behind those with EPA.

Yep. Entrance to the Fearless River.

Yes, I had that same thought :+1:

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Curious–did you go, and how busy was it?


In the morning on 1/1 it was quiet enough to ride Krakatau repeatedly literally without getting off of it. By the afternoon the wait was about 15-20 mins. Barely long enough to leave “ride now” status and use the wristbands. It was great.


WOW! That’s awesome!