Early Park Admission-Hagrid’s

FYI: I just checked park hours and Early park Admission on the Universal website. They now have Hagrid’s included in the list starting March 2nd. They have it updated thru April 17th. Velocicoaster is also still listed. I’m sure it’s because of the huge spring break/Easter crowds. We are arriving April 24th so who knows what will be happening then.


Thanks for the heads up. That extra hour is now much more important to me since the Hagrid’s line can get long and stay long on busy days.


Now I’m trying to decide which one to ride first if they are both still available during our trip.

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Awesome! Do you know how long it takes for that info to get added to the touring plans optimizer?

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I’m not sure. Maybe you could email Touring Plans?

What’s the faster route from the entry to the Hagrid’s queue?

Through Seuss Landing, to the left of Green Eggs and Ham? (Is the Green Eggs and Ham correct?)

As you enter Seuss Landing stay to the left.