Early October

So we just got back from our first trip to DLR and are ready to go back to WDW. All three of our trips (two to WDW and one to DLR) have been during Christmastimes so I thought we would maybe try Halloween this time and I was looking at maybe 9/30 - 10/7. Anyone have thoughts on going that time of year–weather, crowds, pricing etc.?

one of my fav times to go is the week that has Oct 1st - it’s usually not bad across the board. I would give your idea a thumbs up.

We just got back from an October vacation (10/23-11/2). It was our first fall trip and Ioved it with one exception :point_right:. They said it was the hottest Halloween on record in FL. The temperature didn’t bother me as much as the humidity, which was OPPRESSIVE. Crowd levels were fantastic with mostly CLs of 1-3! I had originally planned clothing with layers for cooler morning/evening temps, but it wasn’t necessary for this trip (with ther exception of A/C vs. outdoors). I’m not sure of the pricing tier structure for your time, but www.mousesavers.com has a great breakdown of the rates and seasons. After this most recent trip, I’d like to go back again for the last MNSSHP and the first MVMCP. :laughing: I absolutely LOVED Food and Wine festival and would definitely partake in that again. Previously we’ve been at the beginning of January, late April, and last Spring Break season in mid-March.

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when Halloween falls in the middle of the week it seems to often be a low CL time to go :slight_smile:

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DH and I went Oct 2-7 and it was the BEST! we are from southern Louisiana so we didn’t notice the heat, but the crowds were very low and we had a wonderful time! would absolutely go back at that time!

That’s good to know! Thanks!

We literally went the exact same dates! Halloween killed us. Thankfully we just had a resort day planned.

I have been at the end of September and early October many times and do really love that time of year. It’s exciting to be doing Halloween a little “early” (but not August early) and the crowds are great. But it’s still VERY hot! We purposely planned to go closer to November this time around in order for it to be cooler but hit a random heatwave. So you can really never plan the weather!

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Yes, we were hoping for the “cooler” temps as well. My sister-in-law got them when she went Nov 8th-16th. :laughing: