Early Morning touring at MK: Adventureland and Frontierland

Planning 2 days at MK. First in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, second in Adventure and Frontier. For our second day, we plan to do the morning, then break and come back for evening touring. I have FPP the second day for the evening parade, fireworks and one more ride on 7DMt, so did not get any FPP for our morning touring. Should we be ok to cover those two lands in the morning? TP shows we can but I still worry about not having FPP for BTMRR and Splash. TIA!

When is your trip? If you plan to head to both these rides early you should be fine.

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Go with what the TP says - if the wait times seem reasonable, then you should be fine.

Agree with @Star_Wisher - if you head to those rides first thing, you should be fine - that strategy has worked well for us in the past.

Forgot to say, late April CL 4.

Just wondering why no fast pass for morning day. Do you have them for afternoon hop to another park?

They have FPPs for the second half of the day, so they are doing RD without…

Not sure what your TP says, but I would do Splash, BTMRR, JC, and PoC in that order. The only other “attractions” in those two lands are Tom Sawyer Island, Country Bears, the Treehouse, and Tiki Room, and there is rarely much of a line for them.

I didn’t see Liberty Square in either of your days. HM should be on your “must do” list; I would probably do it right after PoC. HoP is a personal favorite, but I know many consider it a “snooze-fest”. Typically has short lines, but if you just miss the start of a show it can be 20-25 min before the next one lets in. I find the Liberty Belle is much more enjoyable to watch than ride.

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Hall of Presidents will NEVER be a snoozefest. The only downside is their love of Andrew Jackson (not a fan!).

What’s wrong with “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”? Two Tony nominations and mostly positive reviews. Oh, you mean the President, not the Broadway show…

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Thanks, we are definitely doing HM that day, too, HoP the day before if we have time. I love it, but we may not have time this trip. JC is closed when we are there, TP has us doing Magic Carpets first, but I will push that back b/c not a big deal if we miss, then BTMRR, splash, PoC, and HM. Sound good? I was going to try to squeeze in a M&G with Merida at RD, but maybe I should save that for later too? I heard lines get long for her and we can’t possibly fit her in the first day.