Early morning resort to resort options

Have an upcoming trip, will be using Disney bus system for parks but have one day planned for outlet shopping. I am staying at French Quarter and have a rental car arranged from National in the Dolphin, pickup at 8am. I can’t see any option but taxi at that time of morning, especially since no parks have early magic hours on that day so busses won’t even begin running until 8am. Is there another choice I am just not seeing or am I taxi bound? Thanks

There will be buses running for PPO guests. You could check if there was a bus for DHS due before calling a taxi or Uber. Then walk down to the Dolphin. The first PPO time for H&V would be 8 am so I’d expect a bus to come by 7:30.

Or just change the pick up time for the car, unless you are looking to be first at the mall :grinning: In any case the pick up time is reasonably flexible.

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Oh snap! I hadn’t thought about the breakfast folks. That works out just about perfect. We are picking it up early because we still want to be at Magic Kingdom for 9am opening and will head to stores from there around noonish. Thank you!

Question for my curiosity: are you just getting the rental car to go to the outlets, or will you need it later on? Because even with that schedule you may be pushing the 9am opening at MK with having to park and ferry/monorail with the masses. I would just Uber back and forth from the outlets, leaving from the Contemporary after a MK morning.

My hope was to be at the Dolphin right when National opens at 8am, then drive straight to the MK for the opening. After lunch we will grab my daughters suitcase from our resort and let her do a couple hours of outlet shopping before dropping her off at airport so she can head home, then husband and I will have a nice dinner outside the world and also use the vehicle the following day for some touring.

If I am not certain of getting to Dolphin by 8 then we will probably take bus directly from the MK after lunch instead. Was trying to get it sorted in the a.m. so daughter can maximize her limited shopping time.

Got it. Honestly, with the ferry and then tram to your car in the parking lot, just taking park bus back to Swan/Dolphin (or even Yacht/Beach or Boardwalk if there is one waiting but no Dolphin) would probably be the same amount of time. Then you don’t have to worry about RD. Or even an Uber from the Contemporary to the Swolphin would probably be $7-8.