Early morning reservation at BOG and transportation advice!

I am hoping someone could give me advice! We have an 8:10am reservation for Be Our Guest and the park doesn’t open until 9. I did that specifically so we could try to ride Seven Drawfs Mine Train before the park opens. I am trying to figure out what would be faster/easier: to either leave our resort at like 7:00 and drive to Magic Kingdom or take the Disney bus from our hotel to the park. I wasn’t sure how early the buses to magic kingdom start running so I wasn’t even sure that was going to be an option? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
5 more days!!!

Yes, there is an early breakfast bus. The MK bus is the earliest. We got on at 6:52am this week at Pop.

You can also have a leisurely, stress free, cheap ride using uber.

For sure take the bus. if you drive you have to park at TTC. If you uber you have to get dropped off at CR and walk. There will be an early ADR bus between 6:30 and 7am. You can catch that and be dropped right in front of MK