Early morning magic toy story land

The day I’m doing this they have two times 7 and 7:30. What’s the difference?

Reviews have said that there is virtually no difference in the times. Everyone is allowed in at 7 and are directed to breakfast until around 7:20

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How far in advance do they make this available? I would love to this, but not going until may.

I think it varies. They added some dates around Christmas just yesterday. We are doing it the morning of dec 31. I don’t think it’s normally available at 180 days though. You can kind of see the days of the week they do it consistently though and plan that it might continue. I was surprised to see it added for such a busy week, but was of course thrilled!

Thanks. I’m hoping it stays that way.

I am booked for February 20th. I was going to make my family get up super early so we can be at the entrance to HS at 6:45AM. We can walk over from Beach Club. Do you think this is a good plan or will my adult children and grandchildren kill me for making them arrive so early?

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We’ll be there on the 20th too!

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We attended EMM last month and we arrived at 7. We had to time to grab coffee and pastries before getting in the line for TSL–they let us in at 7:15. It worked well which was great because I was worried we should have been there early but there really wasn’t a need to be. FWIW my adult child wasn’t initially happy about being up that early, but had so much fun she said she would do it again.

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We’re thinking of a last minute trip mid-March, staying at a Disney resort. SDD FPP tickets are already gone so I was debating between EMH or shelling out for EMM. My kids are 2yo and 4yo so we’re up early. I was trying to figure out if there’s a significant difference, crowd-wise, between the two? Are you doing EMM hoping it will be less crowded (vs EMH) or simply because it what works with your schedule?


Emm and emh are massively different beasts. Emm is a limited, paid ticket event for a few hundred-ish people that includes a few rides and a nice aycte breakfast. Emh is open for anyone staying at the emh valid resorts. Generally, way, WAY, WAY, more people.

EMM is much less crowded than EMH. But EMH is free and more attractions are available. EMM is great if you want to do those few select attractions multiple times without a wait. But I don’t know how tall your children are and if they could even ride SDD.

I figured EMH would have more people but since whole park is open, I wasn’t sure how crowded TSL would be. And since everyone at EMM only has the 3 rides in TSL, I wasn’t sure if you ended up with lines.

My kids are just big enough for SDD, so TSL are our only ride options anyway. Since EMM includes breakfast, if we’ll be able to ride repeatedly, it’s probably worth it. My DS is still 2yo (thus free) so it’s not as pricey.

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If you’d like to do the rides repeatedly, and have an awesome breakfast, and get a head start on a few other attractions at rope drop, then emm is a no brainer, imo.