Early Morning Magic or Extra Magic Hours

Which would you do? Pay for EMM or do an 8am Early Magic Hour on another day when the park closes at 6 due to a Mickey Halloween party?

Personally, I’d hit the Extra Magic Hour and then stay in the park. It’s usually way less crowded on a 6 pm-close day and even during really busy times, that first 1.5 hours after a park opens at 8 are a great time to do the headliners.


Totally different alternative - I would pay for MNSSHP and also go to the mEMH.

I’d do the EMH and hop to another park around 4pm if not doing the party. If you won’t have hoppers, I’d still do that but make it a resort or DS evening.

MNSSHP or a DAH (if they extend it into the Fall)