Early Morning Magic - No interactive queues

We decided to pay the extra money for Early Morning Magic despite the exorbitant price so we could do the big three attractions in Fantasyland without the stress of the crowds. DD3 got spooked by the drop on FEA so despite the fact that she is big enough we knew she wasn’t going to ride 7DMT. We were, therefore, counting on entertaining her with the interactive queue areas. Not to mention that I really wanted to go to the Peter Pan queue area to see Tinker Bell fly around the nursery and play with our shadows. Perhaps that seems strange but I’ve heard it argued that the wait areas are as good as the ride.
Imagine our disappointment when we were told that the stand by areas would not open till 9. We were rather frustrated since we couldn’t imagine any good reason to keep it closed, especially considering the cost. We stopped by Guest Relations later that day to express our disappointment and encourage Disney to either change that policy or make it clear in the literature, but I thought I’d share this information so other Liners aren’t surprised the way we were.

I guess I can see your point a little bit, but the whole point of EMM is to avoid queues for these rides and with so few guests in the park at that time, it seems silly to have the giant queue opened vs FPP entrance. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see the things you wanted. I’m curious what guest relations said.

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I know it does sound rather strange to want to go into the wait area. For us, though, we were expecting to be able to enjoy the entire attraction without the crowds, including the play areas in the standby queue. Guest Relations said what you would expect.: “We’re so sorry. Have a free Fast Pass.” (which we gratefully expected), but no explanation as to why we couldn’t go in the standy queue area.

My guess would be that they would have to staff/monitor those areas and perhaps staffing is lower for EMM? Total guess though

Since you were in and observed it, what were the crowds like? Were there many lines to speak of?

If you are talking about lines during EMM (special ticketed event) we had none. All the open rides were basically walk on. We did 7dmt 5-6 times, pp twice, Pooh twice. We could have squeezed a few more in but we were a slow moving group.

They only allow a few hundred guests at most. It’s not very many people.

@AuntB_luvsDisney what did you think of EMM? i.e. worth the premium, would you do it again?

Yes! 100% especially if you have age 5-12 littles that love 7DMT. We did both the MK and the HS one. Both were worth every penny but MK was better. HS got a bit of a late start and I felt like I lost valuable minutes

What is open for the HS? I don’t remember reading much about that one. I assume TSMM, hoping for ST!

I would love to do the MK one. I love the PP ride and like 7dmt enough to ride it a few times. Plus a buffet breakfast. How far round can you go in Fantasyland? I was thinking I could be ready to go straight to HM once the rope was opened. Where do they stop you? Ditto the other way to Mermaid and Dumbo.

I don’t think they offer HS EMM any more :disappointed: but it was TSMM, ST, Olaf, buzz and woods, Mickey and Minnie.