Early Morning Magic - Magic Kingdom

Has anyone experienced the new EMM - Fantasyland since it was expanded to the seven attractions? I’m wondering how many tickets Disney sells to this event. I’ll be trying it out in February.

Yes, I did it in mid-December and thought it was great. We weren’t able to do every attraction - well, I guess we could have done every one but I’m not prioritizing the carousel over 7DMT or PP. They don’t sell many tix. The only place we encountered any sort of a line was at 7DMT and it wasn’t at standstill - just moving along.

I think this one is well worth the money - especially for those with young children who can’t stay up for the DAH-MK event.

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With the exception of the carousel and the tea cups (if it’s open at that time), I plan on riding everything else at least once. I will head to Cosmic Rays at 9:00 for the breakfast. Speaking of which, how was the breakfast?

Breakfast was fine. It was food and it was included - but it was standard breakfast fare (eggs, bacon, sausage, pastries). Don’t tell Disney but I’d have paid for the package without the meal. We skipped it until 9:30ish and then headed over after rope dropping a few rides.

We never did end up riding the carousel or the tea cups. My kids refuse to do carousels generally - I don’t know why as I love them (so that alone may explain it).

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We will be as well. Tuesday after the Fairytale challenge. Hope you and we both enjoy it!!

We are doing it on March 10. Our plan it to hit the rides we want and than be over at HM for the 9am opening, head back to the Carousel, then head for breakfast. After that, start the rest of our day.

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