Early Morning Magic - Magic Kingdom Questions

Two questions about early morning magic at fantasyland:

1.) When riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will the picture functionality be operating that early in the morning?

2.) When early morning magic concludes do you have the ability to go back out in front of the castle for the rope drop ceremony or is it blocked off?

Thanks again!

In my experience, yes to both.
I did EMM at the end of July.

Yes to both as well. You’ll have to fight your way back into the Main Street / Castle crowd to see the Welcome! show - if it’s a busy day.

One more question, probably a dumb one. Is there a way to factor in Early Morning Magic on the touring plan park itinerary tool? Our plan would be to do long wait line rides like seven dwarfs mine train and peter pan during this time. I assume I would just leave it off our touring plan but I wasn’t sure if there was a way to include it.

All I can suggest is planning a “break” before the Welcome show. From my experience your “long” waits may only be 10 minutes or less. The longest I waited for anything at during EMM was about 12 minutes and that was one of the final 7DMT rides before RD.

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If you go into the custom touring plans tool, it will show at the top the park hours and any extra magic hours. You have the option to say you’ll use some or all of that time and the custom plan will take that into account.


We arrived late and didn’t have a plan, and easily did everything.
I think it is fun to try and plan it, but don’t stress about it. It will be fine.
By the way. This was my favorite extra. I loved it. I would forgo a lot of other things, to make sure I have room in the budget for this.

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I forgot to mention earlier that the wait times were so extremely low that I lost count of the number of times we rode everything!! You’ll be fine. :grin:

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