Early Morning Magic - Fantasyland

Does anyone know if they will be offering early morning magic in december 2018? We will be there dec 9-15 so I was really hoping to see some dates open. Thanks!

I do not think they scheduled it in December. The park usually opens early?


So they won’t offer EMM in December at all?

Touring Plans lists dates for all of 2018 thru November, the 13th being the last. No dates are listed for December. It seems likely they shut it off prior to the Holidays entirely, so I’d presume no for December, but I guess it is possible they could release something at some point. I’d say if you see 2019 dates listed, you’ll know 100% for sure but right now I think there’s around 90% likelihood that there will be no EMM options in December at all.


There are 4 additional dates in November that are not listed in the link but still nothing for December. Is there a way to find out if 2019 dates were released?

I googled it and came up empty. The Disney EMM link calendar doesn’t go into 2019 yet either (shows an empty December and every Sunday/Tuesday in November). All indications would be there are no 2019 dates as of yet, although since 180 days from 2019 is around the end of the month I’d expect we might see an update by then or early July at the latest…

You have just made my day!! The last time I checked the 13th of November was the last day showing for EMM and I assumed that was going to be the last time it was offered in November. When you said 4 more dates were released I just went and checked and was able to grab reservations for 11/20! I can’t believe they are offering it for the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, but I am thrilled!

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Congrats! Now we just need some early December dates :pray:

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Anyone else have any insight?

I just called and was still told that dates are pending, my guess is that they are not having it in December but hey I could be wrong

it’s likely that the CMs answering the phones really don’t know if it will be available until it’s released. i am learning to have very little faith in most of the people on the phones… unfortunately. But at least they are all very nice and do try to be helpful!

I just saw that the early morning magic is available at Hollywood Studios any insight on if the Magic Kingdom one will be back in December?

I think - and this is just a theory - that because MK closes early when they have MVMCP there is a good chance they will change park hours to open early some days

Hi I just posted about Disney After Hours Magic (I think that’s what it’s called) and upcharge event three hours after park closing. There are two dates in December. I already purchased for Dec 3!
I’m so excited because I really wanted EMM, but I think this will be even better: more rides, no sit down breakfast, just “free” snacks!
Hope this helps!

Early Morning Magic in Fantasyland just opened up starting December 3, 2018. Ticket price is $10 higher, but it includes 7 attractions and breakfast is at Cosmic Ray’s now. I happened to come across it today while desperately searching for ANYTHING PPO on my dates and it came up. YAY!!

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We are visiting in Oct, and when I saw that the new plan opened up I was wishing we had the option to do that. 7 rides sounds much better than 3 rides. :smile:

For some reason there is no EMM on Sunday Dec 9th - the only day we could do it. Any ideas why?

Early Morning Magic for Fantasyland is only offered on Tuesdays.