Early morning magic extended?

Has anyone heard if this will happen? Disney site only shows dates till end of June. 500$ for our family of 3 seems almost over the top"300 + reg.tks, 200 emm.".crazy. Might not be able to stop myself though, if it is offered later in the year!!!

I’m confused. Disney’s Early Morning Magic is a dining item, available only at the Magic Kingdom. The WDW site shows it available two days a week most weeks until the end of September. In June it is Tues & Sat, in July it changes to Tues & Sun. You are showing Jedi Training at HS, which is an entertainment item included at no extra charge.


@mkmuzzy 1st time I’ve started a post. That’s my icon thingy how it got attached to the post, will forever be a mystery. Anyways, disney did extended EMM thru September. Thanks for the help, I’ll check WDW site again.

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Great picture tho :grinning:

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