Early Morning Magic - does it have an impact on visiting MK?

We are busy trying to develop our touring plans for visiting MK. We noticed Early Morning Magic occurs in the morning on one of the days we are planning. We are not paying the extra amount of money for this event (Early Morning Magic) - we are going in September and have already got tickets to Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party making our visit to MK long enough on that day! My question is, does this event have a huge impact if you plan to arrive for Rope Drop? We were thinking of splitting MK into 2 days of touring - on this day we were thinking of doing Adventureland, Frontierland and Liberty Square. Will Early Morning Magic crowds affect this plan?

No it doesn’t have an impact. It’s small numbers.


Everything I’ve read indicates that EMM is only a couple hundred people and will have little impact.


The one thing I fear is that WDW will keep increasing the numbers to the point where it will have an impact. The Halloween and Christmas parties used to have fewer tickets but now the crowds at them can be crazy at times.

Thanks for your replies. Here’s hoping very few numbers of people are allowed to get tickets - fingers crossed! Has anyone experienced MK on days when there is an Early Morning Magic?

on this day we were thinking of doing Adventureland, Frontierland and Liberty Square.

Sounds like a good plan! Early Morning Magic is in Fantasyland. Even if they sell more tickets for the event, Adventureland, Frontierland and Liberty Tree Square will not see additional crowds. These lands will be empty at Rope Drop.


Can we please stop perpetuating this lie? A little common sense easily debunks this claim. 7DMT carries 20 people per train. If there are 20 waiting to ride, 20 in a train ready to leave, and 20 in a train on course that would mean that 30% of the entire EMM attendance would be at 7DMT! It is rather silly to believe this is the case, the rest of Fantasyland would be a ghost town. It isn’t, I’ve been there.

I know that everyone means well and that this myth started with some blogger sharing a picture of nearly empty trains very early on but it really sets you up for failure thinking that there will be only 200 people there.

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Hi Sneaky Pete. Thanks for your reply. As someone who has been at the event, how many people would you estimate are actually there? Do you think it is likely to have a big impact on our plans going to MK?

The only impact I can imagine - minimal at that - would be in Fantasyland. But if you’re planning to RD other parts of the park you should not see even that small bump.

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Then can you please clarify and tell us what the impact actually is?

I was worried when we went but it was the only day that made sense for us to go to MK. We did a PPO at BOG and were ahead of the crowds all morning even though we started in Fantasy Land. We were prepared to only ride 7DMT once at 9 but that worked for us. we left happily at 12 feeling we had gotten a lot done with the refresh trick.

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We haven’t got a pre-park opening booking at Be Our Guest so I am very interested in knowing how many people usually pay to do Early Morning Magic. Did you notice many people Sandyh?

the best way for me to answer is to say we didn’t notice any crowds. We arrived at 7:55. There was no line to check in at the front of the park or where you check in again on your way to Fantasy Land. Walking down Main St. was down right pleasant! we got in line for 7DMT at 8:50 and there were about 20-30 people ahead of us. The line didn’t move until exactly 9am. When we got off the ride both the standby and FP lines were long. So we did notice crowds after RD but not before. we did little mermaid, IASW, and PPF before heading to Adventureland and it did not seem any different than any other time we have done RD.

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Thanks for the reply Sandyh. Much appreciated. This makes me feel better about going to MK on a day when there is early morning magic. I am still waiting to hear from SneakyPete about his experiences. What time of year did you go Sandyh?

We did EMM at MK this past weekend. Yes, it seems liked a couple hundred people. The line for 7DMT was 10 to 25 minutes during the event even towards the end. So if you are the front of rope drop, then yes, there are people already in line for 7DMT. They also line up all the breakfast people near the entrance. However, the rest of the Fantasyland rides were walk-on during the event. We left Fantasyland about 10 minutes early to line up to RD SM. As so as the fireworks went off, they let people go.

Interesting. A cast member told me it was 200 people. Not saying you’re wrong, just wondering if the cast member is wrong or if they’ve changed the numbers.

If you did EMM again, would you ride 7DMT first or later or does it not even matter since the line was 10-25 min for most of the EMM? ( I realize you can’t answer this definitively, but curious of your thoughts!)

It was certainly reported as being 200-300 when it began. I would have expected numbers to at least double when they opened up so many extra rides. I’d guess they offer at least 500 tickets now. I don’t know if it always sells out.

No impact to the rest of the lands. The lines are merged at RD with the other people waiting.

For Fantasyland the impact should be minimal, after all the people in EMM can experience the rides with almost no wait so that will continue once RD happens. Only people at the very front of the RD would notice and it would be just a few extra minutes rather than a walk on.

CM are known to be ill-trained. The average forum goer knows more than the average CM. Don’t believe me? Try asking where Tusker House is next time you are in AK. You will get five different answers if you ask five different CMs.

About the attendance, just think about the following: Prince Charming Carousel has a capacity of 90. That would mean that when it runs the entire plaza would vacate and there are 3 more rides during EMM plus the restaurant! No, there are far more than 200. We have to stop saying this. It doesn’t hold to reason.

If I were so say a number, I would put it at over 600.

The financials also don’t make sense for only 200 people. It would be less than $16,000. Doesn’t sound right.