Early Morning Magic - Crowds and Buses

Our first MK day is on a EMM day.

  1. How does this affect the crowds at the parks? Is this built into the TP estimated wait times? We were planning to rope drop Peter Pan - still a valid option?
  2. How early will the buses start on a morning with EMM? We plan to drive to the other three parks, but want to take the bus to MK.

It doesn’t affect the crowds, yes it’s taken into account, yes it’s a valid option, and buses start around 6.30 every day whether there is EMM or not.

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It seems that I have heard EMM days do tend to be a bit more crowded at the parks - at least after the park opens, since you are adding many who are staying on property who want to take advantage of the extra hour to those who were going to the park anyway. As @missoverexcited noted, TP builds this into their estimated wait times.

I can’t say that I have noticed the buses being any more crowded on EMM though.

You’re confusing Extra Magic Hour which is open to all resort guests, and Early Morning Magic, which is a paid event with very small numbers - around 500 people. OP asked about Early Morning Magic.

If you’re not using the EMH, you shouldn’t go to the park because you will be behind thousands of people. EMM on the other hand has no effect at all. 500 people are barely noticeable.

Now if OP has got these 2 confused as well, my answer would be very different so hopefully they will clarify!

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You’re right. I was confusing the two. Thanks for clarifying.

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@missoverexcited I’ve heard for mornings with EMM (paid event) that they keep the regular folks back until actual park opening. So unless you’re trying to RD 7DMT (which we are not - we are heading to Tomorrowland) does it make sense to be here super early on those mornings? Or can we shoot for 8:30? We haven’t been able to find BOG breakfast reservations and am not sure that would make sense either for RD Tomorrowland? Thanks!

Well everyone is allowed on Main St at 8am, but not everyone will line up at the rope to the land straight away. It probably depends on the crowd level to be honest. I definitely wouldn’t want to be later than 8.30, but yes the crowds will head to 7DMT. I’d be earlier personally but I am always early so it’s hard for me to judge!


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You’re right - I am referring to Early Morning Magic. I know to stay away from EMH days, just haven’t dealt with EMM before.

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