Early morning magic at Toy Story Land?

How does EMM work for someone who is going to a park hta thas EMM for a certain land, but not having paid for EMM? If those using EMM for a land get in at 8:00, say, and the general paying public gets into this park at 9:00, can they the general public guests, now get into the “reserved land” at 9:00, or must they wait until EMM is over for those who paid the extra fee?

If the park opens at 9, which it does - I’ve never known it to open later - then the whole park opens. Exclusive access to the rides for EMM ends at that point. You can eat breakfast until 10 which is how they get away with saying the event is until 10.

ETA in fact I’ve just read this properly and seen you are talking about TSL. Quite often they have been letting guests in at 8.50 on EMM days.

Thanks, your reply is so helpful!

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Yes, I was surprised by the 8:50 time on our EMM day because I was used to EMM at MK, but if I had actually read the description on the website, I would have known! It lists EMM at HS from 7:30-8:45. We were a little late trying to get ahead of the rope drop crowd to TOT because of it. We were the only 2 headed the other way with a stream of people going towards TSL. One of the case members commented as we walked by ‘be the salmon!’ when I told DS we were swimming upstream.

Just tell everyone walking the other way “Sorry, folks, park’s closed. Moose out front should’a told ya”