Early Morning Magic at MK

Anyone have an idea when they will open dates for EMM at MK for April? Do you think it would be worth it to call them directly for this answer? The waiting is driving me nuts!!! TIA!!!

If you call and get an answer, let me know! I called back in November with no info…

Following, it’s annoying me too - especially as the dates are all available for DHS.

I emailed a couple of weeks ago and was told to keep checking back but it’s a fortnight ‘til our FPP window opens and I want to know which park we’ll be in each day!

Following as well! I am making all kinds of different versions of my plans to figure out scenarios with and without EMM. Really interested in doing EMM for MK. My FP day is Feb 11. 10 days to go.

Still nothing. :disappointed_relieved:

I know :frowning: FPP window opens for me tomorrow. I’m going to make Tuesday my MK day and either cross fingers that they either add EMM or at least that they don’t move regular park opening to 8am negating the advantage of our PPO at BOG. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Ugh, so sorry no updates before your big decision day. I’m planning on making my MK day on a Sunday for the same reason. I also have a PPO at BOG that day so we’re in the same boat!

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I’m waiting as well, but I don’t have any other options. Only doing one day at MK before a cruise. We either have it or we don’t. My 60 day window isn’t until next week so I’m hoping they’ll post something soon.

Have you guys checked today? They have more dates up. Still can’t book them yet, but you can see the dates that will be offered.

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I did see that but it’s only going to be on the Tuesday we are there. Was hoping it would be on Sunday the 7th. Now the debate in my head starts…:grin:

I saw this … and also saw that EMM at TSL is currently only showing dates through the end of April. Really hoping EMM for TSL continues through the fall.

EMM finally opened. Booked it this morning for June. Phew!!