Early Morning Magic and Tps

I can see that Touring Plans added the option to select if you have a hard ticket to EMM but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it work in my plans. If I put our arrival time at 9am in seems to be factoring in us walking from rope drop and waiting for our first ride after the official park opening. If I put in our arrival time at 7:45 am and enter our first ride it looks like we are waiting an hour an 20 mins for our first ride since the park doesn’t officially open until 9am. Any tips?

I’ve not been to EMM so not had to factor it into a TP, but I would think if you put your start time as 9am and make your first ride whatever you intend to do at normal park opening, that would work.

You don’t need a TP for EMM itself *, so you only have to worry about what follows. The wait from the ropes in Fantasyland to the first ride, say Splash, will be very similar to the it from the ropes in the Hub to Splash.

  • Because there are only 200 people or so at EMM, there is no need for a plan that says ride 7dmt 4 times, PP 4 times, then Pooh 4 times.
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Did you click that you are taking advantage of the EMM? I selected that option so my plan starts at 7:45, and it accurately reflects us going from PP to Princess Fairytale Hall right at 9:01, with a 4 minute walk time between PP and PFH.