Early Morning Magic AND Extra Magic Hours?

Good afternoon, My family and I will be taking a 6 night trip to Disney in August. We are set to go to the Magic Kingdom twice, once on Friday August 14th (rated as a 3 crowd level due to Halloween Party) and Sunday August 16th (rated as 5 crowd level). We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge. On Friday the 14th they will be doing extra magic hours and on Sunday they are doing early morning magic. If we make it to the “free” extra magic hours on Friday would it still be necessary to pay for early morning magic? If we did early morning magic it would really just be for the rides for my kids (6 and 3 years old), the food isnt as big of a draw. I assume that extra magic hours has longer lines but anyone have thoughts on this?

Edit: The extra magic hour is projected to be in the morning on that Friday if that matters.

I don’t believe they offer Early Morning Magic on Extra Magic Hour Days.

Sorry if my post wasn’t worded well. On the Friday (3 rated day) they are offering Extra Magic Hours, on Sunday (5 rated day) they are doing Early Morning Magic. My question is if we do Extra Magic Hours on the Friday would we still need to do Early Morning Magic on Sunday or can we get a lot of rides in during EMH?

EMM is only for Fantasyland. So… you can do PPF, 7DMT, Pooh and about 4 other rides over & over. It’s a great way to do those + you get a good breakfast buffet that stays open until 10am.

In my most recent EMM experience, I rode PPF twice, 7DMT 3 times, Pooh twice and met Cinderella all before park opening. (Then I went to eat at about 9:30am)

I probably could have done at least one more ride on something, but didn’t feel the need to rush or run.

During EMH, in my experience, you’ll be able to do two or three rides total as the park is open to more guests without an additional fee.

Hope that helps!

If you have two days for MK, you’ll have 6 fastpasses over the two days. That’s a lot!

FWIW, we go every other year in mid-August, and have never done EMH or EMM and haven’t had a problem riding everything we have wanted to ride. Is there a reason you think you might need EMM?

We loved EMM! It was fun to be in Fantasyland with a low crowd and we rode 7DMT multiple times and all of the other open rides once before the park opened to everyone else. Then we went in for breakfast. The food was ok. Nothing special, but we didn’t pay for the experience for the food.

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I’m glad to hear that. This is our second time taking the kids and the last time we went was late September when it was pretty quiet. Looking at the crowd calendars from carious websites I got nervous it would be significantly busier in mid-August so I want to make sure we got in as much as we can, I figured EMH and/or EMM would be a good way to do that.

We did EMM at MK 2 years ago and last year at HS. We rode 7DMT about 9 or 10 times and Peter Pan once at MK and SDD maybe 6 or 7 times, Alien Swirling Saucers twice and sent the kids by themselves once while we grabbed coffee. I figured it was well worth the money considering how long you’d have to wait for 7DMT or SDD normally. I don’t think you can ride either of those rides more than once, maybe twice if you’re lucky during EMH.

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