Early morning Extra Magic hours with crowd level 10

Hi members - we plan to visit AK on Feb 22nd Saturday as it offers extra magic hours at 8am. However the crowd level for that day per TouringPlan is max at 10! We could not get fast pass reservation for Flight of passage, so thought its good idea to show up really early. We have FP reservation and touring plan for the rest of the day but wasnt sure if the max. crowds would deter any of that. Or if should pick another day to go to Animal Kingdom with smaller crowd levels.
We stay at Disney good neighbor resort that offer extra magic hours…

Thanks for the advice!

We are doing the exact same thing, only in April. It’s our second day at the parks, so I am not optimistic about getting a FP for FOP. We are hoping to RD it during the EMH and I think we’ll get on. I think AK is a 10 on days with EMH because the EMH draw additional on-site guests as well as the normal crowd. Point is, going during EMH are still worth it, it just gets crowded later.

thanks @DisneyDad28 for the advice! EMH at 8am with max crowd levels did sound good to me but I wasn’t sure, so its good to hear you personally think the same. I agree on doing rope drop and i will try to get there earlier (6:30 - 6:45am) so can wait in line for Flight of passage

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We went to AK last month for EMH at 8. It was projected to be a 10 but was actually a 6. So don’t stress over CLs if you have a good TP. We thoroughly enjoyed our AK day.

We arrived around 7:10 am. We were off of FOP a bit after 8 and off of Navi around 8:20. We went on EE 2x, Dinosaur, and PW, and met with Donald and Chip and Dale all by 10:45. We used our EE FPP and went to watch It’s Tough to be a Bug. We had lunch at Flame Tree and then rode Kali with FPP. We were holding 7:30 FPP for Navi and tried to trade it for FOP at every SDD but there weren’t any that day! We ultimately cancelled them. We did a trail, wandered around to enjoy the ambiance, took PhotoPass pictures, and snacked around. We had dinner at Satu’li before getting in line for FOP right before 6. We waited around 50 minutes. We enjoyed Pandora at night and ended the evening watching the Tree of Life come to life. AK closed at 8.

We had time for other shows but didn’t want to see them.

Hope this gives you a point of data.

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great data, thanks so much @stlouie!