Early Morning Breakfast - Transportation Question?

We have early morning breakfast reservations for our upcoming trip to Disney. Curious about the best transportation options from the Contemporary Resort to the following locations…

Epcot, Akershus @ 8:15am?
Hollywood Studios, Hollywood & Vine @ 8:05am?
Polynesian, Ohana @ 7:45am?

Are the buses/monorail running early enough for us to make those reservations on time? Or will we need to arrange transportation? Keeping in mind we have 3 small children and a stroller.

There are breakfast buses at most resorts but I can’t say for sure from monorail resorts - it seems like deluxes have a less reliable bus service since they have other options.

I know the times guide for this week says the monorail is supposed to start running at 7:30 am so that might make getting to 'Ohana on time a close call.

We took a Minnie Van from Grand Floridian to Epcot for an 8:05 am ressie. We pulled it up on the Lyft app around 7:30, it arrived at 7:40, and we were through security and at our res basically on time.

Similarly, even the 8:15 at Akershus could be a challenge on the monorail due to the need to transfer and walk from the gates to almost the back of the park.

I found that the monorail from TTC to EP didn’t start running till 8:30ish, so assume uber/lyft/minnie van needed for EP, you should be fine getting the bus for HS, and resort monorail for Ohana.

I found the resort monorail started well before it’s official time

We found this to be very true - and a constant source of frustration at Grand Floridian. It was very frustrating! We ended up getting a Lyft or Uber for those types of things.

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My understanding is that minnievans have two kids car seats. The OP said they have three small children. Is the only option to get two vans? Wouldn’t that be crazy expensive?

Yes if they need 3 car seats they’d need 2 Minnie vans, it would be really expensive. But if they did uber they’d need 3, that wouldn’t be a cheap option either.