Early march jumps in crowds

Yall I’m despairing a little. Wth happened to the pre spring break crowds?!?! Any explanation for the jump? I didnt see anything specific on the blog.

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Anddddd after I spent a couple hours yesterday trying to move stuff around, they changed them back to previous levels. Wth

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If you read the comments from the blog a lot were questioning that week and Steve noticed an error which has been corrected. Sucks you spent hours adjusting but at least the CLs should be back

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Yeah, same here. This is the second time this has happened to me with the Crowd Calendar over the past year.

dang. when i read the post there were no comments and after the first read i didn’t scroll that far. oh well, better to have lower crowds! and i had my FP this am and got everything I wanted, though SDD a day later than I had hoped, but totally doable!

My week, March 15th, most went down however AK jumped to a 10 almost every day. Also when we look at the hourly, it is blank? Same way this morning. Any thoughts?