Early hours at HS

There is an event at HS on Weds June 5. We were planning on going to MK that day (EEH and 1 park per day tickets). Will those early hours push people to the other parks? I actually wish we were going to HS that day cause it’s our least priority and only doing half day (late afternoon/evening).

We are also going to do late MK since it’s our second to least priority (very repetitive to DL other than mine train & Tron), we are on West Coast time, and it’s probably going to be open super late (expect 11 pm closing so 1 am with extended hours) for summer.

Probably. HS will probably see a “Party Effect” that day.

That said, with people changing plans to be in one of three other parks, Disney Springs, or resorts I don’t think it will cause much of a noticeable bump in crowds in the other locations. More that folks at HS will have a quieter day