Early entry with scheduled Early Morning Magic on day of visit

With the new Welcome Show letting guests into the park early before opening, how will this affect us if there is a Early Morning Magic hour scheduled the day we are planning to go to the MK but are not using EMM ? Will we still be allowed in early? Regular park opening is at 9 am with EMM at 8am. This is for Tues. Feb 7th. TIA!

This is a good question. It doesn’t change locations until 9 Jan. I wonder if they will screen guests trying to leave the hub to make sure that area stays roped off for resort guests…

It does not appear that they are doing the new opening show on EMH AM days.

They are showing the Welcome Show at 8:55 am on 13 Jan, which also has EMH AM hours.

Interesting to note they moved the standard start time from 8:40 to 8:55 AM

@RetroMinnie, you said Early Morning Magic. That’s a separate ticketed event before regular hours, under the dining category, open to anyone not just resort guests. Feb 7 has EMM.

This is not the same as Extra Magic Hours, or EMH.

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Good catch!

Thanks. Just detail-oriented, which helps with all the acronyms, etc. Disney has plenty of ways to confuse us (me included)!

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Exactly, so wondering how the paid event will affect those of us going at 9 am! Was hoping we would get let in at least a little early to Main Street, etc.! Thanks for your thoughts on this!

Just a few days more, and we’ll find out (Jan 9). My guess is that the EMM people are a fairly small number, and will be admitted beyond the hub rope, while all the rest will still stay on Main Street during that pre-RD time. I don’t think being EMM that day will make a lot of difference, except for how long the line for 7DMT might be once the rope drops. Others know more than I do.

I missed the EMH opening show being at 8:55. I was looking for it at 7:40/7:55. I wrongly assumed that the opening would be pre-EMH like they used to do.

Those 7:45 a.m. events are not supposed to have a noticeable impact from what I read. I am attending when there is one and have an 8am BOG reservation. I figure I might get held up a bit in line at 7D for the paid event guests. I should still get in line before RD. You may benefit from the fact that those eating at CP and (less likely) CRT will get blocked by the opening if you are heading for PP/7D.