Early entry vs crowd calendar level

I am planning a January visit and the lowest crowd calendar day is an early entry day. I will not have access to that. Just wondering which is more important - avoiding early entry or going for the lowest crowd level. Hollywood studios is the park
Thank you!

I say, if you can’t use the early entry, don’t go to the early entry park. Here is my thinking. People will get in an hour before you and start a line. You are allowed to join that line at a later time. I can’t see that working. That being said, if you get the FFP and ADR you want, they can also guide you.

Are you having trouble finding a different day to visit Hollywood Studios? If you give details, all of us will give you our opinion. You can be sure of that!

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I agree. I would pick another day to go to HS.

Another reason to avoid is that the onsite ppl who do not have hopper tickets will go for emh and then have to stay.

We did that by accident one time. It totally negated any benefit of getting there for RD. Pick another day. If it’s a CL of 4 versus even a 5 or 6 won’t matter if you have a good plan, FPPs and make RD.

If you cannot take advantage of the EMH, I would NOT go to that park that day - unless you pre-plan hopping there later in the day and aren’t counting on RD for short lines.

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Thank you guys so much! That was what I thought but was confused as to how an EMH day could also be the lowest crowd day. Haven’t been to Disney in about 20 years and am coming with ages early 20’s to late 70’s so can really use the advice. Thanks again!

Are you sure its EMH and not EMM?