Early Entry Strategy for Dec 25 and 26th

Hi everyone, I have a Magic Morning for 1 day with my 3 day park hopper. I have read that early entry is being offered at both parks on Dec. 25 and 26th as part of the holiday week. How should I strategize this? Go early to DLR on the 25th or 26th? Will the early morning at DCA wreck any touring plans I will make for an 8am entry there? I plan to spend one morning at each of the parks to make the most of busy rides, just wondering about strategy and best days to do each one. Thanks!

I have no idea which is your best bet (probably the opposite of what I am going to recommend), however I personally would do Disneyland the 25th for ee and the 26th at DCA. I think DL on Christmas morning sounds so magical! Even if I didn’t go on one ride, it would blissful to walk down main street and drink hot chocolate and take in all the beautiful decor.

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