Early entry soft opening

From Sept 26th.



Thanks, that will change things a little on Sunday.


Woo!! My first rope drop is the 26th at HS! I will have boots on the ground for RotR rope drop as a resort guest.


So I seem to remember there being a lot of “concern” as to how thee early entry will work. Hopefully the wording in the email that some onsite guests have received will reassure everyone that it will work exactly the same as the old EMH or EMM. The bolded part is mine.

We are so excited to welcome you for your upcoming stay!

Soon, Guests who stay in the magic at a Disney Resort hotel can enjoy 30 minutes early entry to any Walt Disney World ® Theme Park every day as part of the dazzling Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration.

We’re excited to share that we will be offering a soft opening of this new benefit during your stay. Beginning September 26th, you will have the opportunity to enjoy 30 minutes early entry to any Walt Disney World Theme Park. That’s more time for enchantment at Magic Kingdom ® Park. More excitement at Disney’s Animal Kingdom ® Theme Park. More adventure at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ®. More possibilities at EPCOT®. It’s a great way to jump-start your Disney day, no matter the day!

Once you’ve arrived at the main entrance of your desired theme park, be sure to look for the “Early Entry for Participating Hotels” signage to enter the park.

A Park reservation and valid ticket or pass for the same Park on the same date and valid Resort ID are required.


Thank you for posting the email (that I did not receive from Disney). I did get a TP update on the hours.


Are you here?

EE was already going to be in effect but it’s nice that it will get a little preview to work out the kinks and to give us an idea of how it will work so we can plan accordingly.

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Universal! We are at a second night of HHN. We have one day in Disney parks- Sunday - HS/EP.

We are moving to BWV tomorrow around 3


Fun. Sunday we are AK and HS.

I am at HS on Sunday too!

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My family of 5 are will be at HS until about 12;30 but we most likely will all leave when my son and his girlfriend are being picked up to go home.


Well I won’t have to get up early on Thursday for AK now. I fly in tomorrow, but my friend doesn’t get in until Tuesday night. We are going to IOA on Wednesday, so Thursday would have been the only rope drop before EE kicked in.

I’m going to MK on Tuesday, I’ll sleep in :slightly_smiling_face: (oh wait, I have a sleeping in problem on vacation. I don’t. Even this week, it’s like my body is prepping for the eastern time zone because I’ve been waking up 60-90 minutes early :crazy_face:)