Early Entry on Sun 9/27 and Mon 9/28

I’m a bit confused at the posted early entry for Sunday. Currently, USF opens at 8am and IOA opens at 9am with EA at IOA. Which park should I start in? USF at rope drop or IOA early entry? I will also have EA on Monday (currently IOA, both parks open 9am). WWOHP is a must! I really appreciate any insight!

I have a similar situation in October and we had a minor discussion about it in a chat on the app. It seems like, if all things stay as usual, USF will actually open before IOA in this particular situation, as USF tends to open a half hour before posted opening time. As Gringotts tends to have higher wait times then Forbidden Journey on average, my thought would be to go to USF and do Gringotts first, especially if HP is a priority. Also, on Sunday at least, IOA is open later, so my thought is to start at USF, do everything you want, and then head to IOA for the later closing. Fortunately, your crowd levels are low, so either way will probably work. Let me know what you do and how it works out!

Thank You. Yes, I think I will do rope drop at USF on Sunday, starting in Diagon Alley and then do early access at IOA on Monday, starting in Hogsmead. Too bad it doesn’t make sense to take advantage of EA on both days, the reason we are staying on site.

We have a nearly identical situation, we’re touring 9/28, 29, 30, staying onsite with hoppers. All three days have a posted opening of 8:00am for USF and 9:00am with an 8:00am EA at IOA every day. Do we get to USF at 7:30 and do Gringotts first, then take Hogworts Express to IOA and do Forbidden Journey, or should we do Gringotts one morning and Forbidden Journey on another morning? Oh, and we’ll probably be doing rider-swap for both with one child riding and one child not.

@skubersky had commented that they are not sure if USF actually will open a half hour earlier in these situations. Sounds like we’ll have to wait and see. Either way, I am thinking that doing first thing in the morning at USF one day and the next day in IOA will be your best bet. As a side note, when I went in June, I had one younger child we did child swap with and two olders that rode FJ and EFG. In both cases, the children were able to ride twice in a row once with me and once with DH. They were elated that they could do so much HP!

Did I miss something? Now the opening times and EE park is different. On 9/28-30, EE is at USF at 7:00am every day, and IOA opens at 9:00am every day! Any advice for this, @skubersky? :open_mouth:

Sorry for the radio silence but I am out of Orlando for the whole month of Sept.
Uni made an unexpected change last week and switched EPA to USF-only on all HHN event days. Our crowd calendar has been updated with the latest schedule.

I contacted Universal about early entry on 9/28-9/30 - the official word is that ONLY Diagon Alley will be open during early entry hours, and no other rides (like Minion Mayhem).