Early entry on check-in day?

If I remember correctly, one could use EMH on check-in and check-out days. Is it safe to assume this will be the case for the new early entry system as well?

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I would make that assumption since you are allowed to check your bags w/ bell services and enjoy a resort, in full w/ all benefits, on check in day.


Should be able to, yes!


Great thanks!

Disney counts the day of your check in and your check out as full days, so all perks for resort guests apply.


How does this work, exactly?

I’m checking in on, say, Saturday - and also want to rope drop Animal Kingdom that day.

Do I just need to have my resort reservation/tickets all set up/activated in my MDE account and linked to my Magic Band?

Do I do online check in to my resort? Can I do that before the day I check in or is there some time on Saturday morning that a window opens for online check in?

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Have your resort and tickets set up in MDE. And if you have an active magic band you can use that.

And yes, you can do online check-in in advance.

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Along the same line of thought-

What’s the group opinion on LL+ purchases foe check- in day…

Could I theoretically after online check-in from Nashville airport purchase RotR at 7am get on plane at 8 and be riding before dinner?

If you’ve got a park reservation you should be fine.