Early entry IOA and Hogwarts Express to USF

Hello, we will be doing the 1 day wizarding world touring plan this week 3/29. IOA has early entry at 8 and USF opens at 9. The plan says to ride Hagrid’s, Forbidden journey , flight of the hipp at IOA during early entry then get on the first Hogwarts Express to USF. My question is what time should we be in line to ensure we’re on that first HE to USF? Thanks to all for your help!


I don’t have the exact answer to your question, but I do know that there is a very short wait for HE for the first couple hours its open. So you may not need to rush to USF.

I’d guess if you wanted on the first train, you would want to enter the queue around 8:45. But then you probably can’t get those 3 attractions in. Someone else may have a better answer.

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Thank you bebe80, that’s so helpful!

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Here’s a bit of info from my recent trip…

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