Early entry- EPCOT from CSR

We are finally going to stay on site for our March trip (my son’s 21st bday). If we want to make the most of the early entry for Remy. What does everyone recommend? I know the International Gateway Entrance is better but the bus from Epcot drops you at main entrance. I was thinking of taking an uber to Swan and walking to the Epcot IG entrance. Seems fastest plan, thoughts? Am I crazy? When do folks arrive? hour before early entry? TIA

That would work well, as would a very early morning breakfast ressie at an Epcot area resort (like A&C). Depending on when park opens you could arrive with a full belly to boot! :smiley:

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We were just out there on 12/29 (CL10 day) and rope-dropped Remy from the IG. I believe we arrived roughly 30 minutes before early entry. Looking at the timestamps from my photos, we were in the queue at 8:16am and on the ride at 8:33am. So they let us walk into the queue 15+ minutes early.

We went over to Frozen from there; but between walking out there (with DS9 and DS8 who don’t move terribly quickly) and waiting in the queue, we didn’t get off that one until 9:30am or so.

Hopefully your March trip will have lesser crowds, but even with lots of people you can knock out Remy pretty quickly and easily. I think the wait times shot up well over three hours later that day. :grimacing:


This is very helpful. Thank you