Early Entry California Adventures


Can anyone confirm if RSR and Soaring are open for early entry? I see the site says they are but my dad is a regular and indicated he didn’t think RSR was open? Any recent visitors?

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It’s been about 18 months since I stayed at a Disney owned Disneyland hotel, but when I did both Soarin’ and RSR were open for early entry. One thing I did notice on my trip was that many of the attractions did have delayed openings during early entry, but most did open before the park opened to the public.

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Here’s what Touring Plans says is open:

It is always subject to change, and RSR is an attraction that can be affected by weather (rare in SoCal) as well as mechanical issues (less often these days but used to be more common) which can cause downtime in the morning, including EMH.

You probably already know this, but EE for DCA is only for guests staying at an actual DLR hotel. If you have a ticket package for an offsite / “good neighbor” hotel that includes EE it is only valid for DLR.

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It has been about a year since I have done EE, but when we go we usually stay on property and in that time, I have never been to an EE in DCA that RSR was not open (there were times when it went down due to technical issues, but it was schedule to open).


Great! Thank you! Yes we are staying at DLH

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