Early entry both parks... maybe Hagrid will be open?

Last night I got a touring notification that early entry was added to IOA (USF already had it)…I really want the new coaster to be open then (late June). I know, wishful thinking.

What’s the best use of time for early entry to both parks?

It could be. They are advertising it as opening in “Summer 2019”, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted it open by Memorial Day…

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Since this is being built by Intamin, I would expect there to initially be a lot of downtime. While Intamin coasters can be quite awesome, they also have a knack of having a lot of breakdowns when a ride first opens. We shall see!

That would be amazing!!! I’m getting more and more excited for our WDW/Universal trip.

True freakin’ story

If it is something that interests you, I would definitely do spells in Diagon Alley during early entry. It is so much more peaceful and hardly any lines. Same with just exploring Diagon Alley.